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Adam Case: Twice Exceptional

1999 · 40m

1999; video; 40 minutes

This educational documentary shows a nine-year-old boy who is both visually impaired and gifted, in an inclusive school setting.

Producer/Director: Debbie McGee, CAMS

Awards: Award of Merit, Association for Media and Technology in Education in Canada (AMTEC) 2000.

This project was done for Dr. Norm Garlie, an Education professor at MUN. It was to be presented at a conference he would be attending. This was my first production at MUN, and I went all out, using my skills from the freelance world to make it, something not really done in the small unit I was now part of. It took me a while to stop using production schedules – most shoots were arranged by a chat, and a note pinned to the production board.